MCP supporters march in Mzuzu against poll results

Angry Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters in Mzuzu on Thursday morning Marched into the streets condemning what they call frudent election.

The supporters clad in MCP regalia and carrying tree branches, marched from MCP Mzuzu headquarters to the Mzuzu Main Market.

However, compared to the supporters that demonstrated in Lilongwe on Thursday, the number of demonstrators in Mzuzu was smaller and a bit peaceful apart from the songs they were singing calling for President Mutharika to step down.

Speaking to YFM during the demonstrations, MCP Chairperson for Mzuzu, Joseph Chavula said they will not relent until the Results are nullified.

He disclosed that after marching they will hold vigils at Mzuzu High Court because they believe the Court has the final say to their demands and that they are optimistics that the Court will do justice.

“We are joining our fellow Malawians across the country that we are not happy with the tipp-ex president, we don’t want this malawi electoral commission to continue, we have started in Mzuzu and we will not relent until we bring this down,” Chavula said.

He however quashed allegations that the demonstrations are funded by some political gurus.

“Nothing has been given to us nobody has sponsored us people have sponsored themselves,” Chavula said.

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