Bullying teen mothers a cause for worry

Education rights activist says concerted efforts are needed to keep teenage mothers in school.

Benedicto Kondowe was commenting on how the primary and secondary school readmission policy in Malawi has assisted in bringing back teen mothers to school.

“Ever since the policy was adopted we have seen a lot of teen mothers returning to school both at primary and secondary level,” he said.

In Kondowe’s view, the number of mothers returning to school is very commendable nonetheless he observed that most primary school teen mothers are bullied  as such they fail to complete their education.

“Bullying can be singled out as a factor that is frustrating the teen mothers to further their education, they end up leaving for good,” Kondowe added.

He suggested that all stakeholders work together to ensure  teen mothers stay in school.

In Malawi girls drop up out school due to unplanned pregnancies,child marriages,poverty to mention a few.

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