Living through art

Empowering young artists is very crucial at a time Malawi is struggling with high unemployment rate.

The Public Relations Director for Zaluso Arts Miko Yakobe made the comment in an interview with YFM.

Yakobe said if Malawian artists are supported and celebrated there would be more financial gains for the country.

“Most people travel to other countries to see art, if those people would stay in this country and appreciate the work that artists are putting up that money would remain here,” Yakobe said.

“Malawian artists have more to offer,as you know art increases value as time goes you can pass it on to person.”

Zaluso Arts does painting, filming and photography.

Meanwhile,Justice Grey of Abantu Arts suggests that if artists are exposed to markets they would find potential buyers.

“We need a platform to display our products so that our work can be purchased and in that way we’ll have more customers.”

Grey also advised youths to stop looking for white collar jobs and make something out of their talent.

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