Govt upbeat on security agencies housing project

Despite different criticism against government’s delay to construct 10,000 houses for security officers in the country, government is still upbeat that the pledged houses will be constructed.

Speaking in Parliament, Homeland Security minister Nicholas Dausi said only 200 out of promised 10,000 houses for the officers have so far been constructed.

Dausi said the project is being conducted in phases and that other houses will be constructed when funds are available.

“We are on phase 1, we have constructed 200 houses and we will continue to construct those houses when all funds are available but just to assure the Malawi nation that we will construct the 10,000 houses,” he said.

Dausi said government will work in partnership with development partners in the project.

He however warned that the long arm of law will work on all people who are destroying government property during demonstrations.

“It is very unfortunate that some protesters are torching government offices amid rising cases of demonstrations, but we would like to assure Malawians that these suspected individuals will defend their action in a court of law,” warned Dausi.

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