Govt to construct 2,000 houses for prison officers

Ministry of Homeland and Security says out of 10,000 houses promised for security officers, 2,000 will be for prison officers across the country.

Nicholas Dausi made the remarks on Wednesday during his official visit at Domasi Prison in Zomba.

During the visit Chief Commissioner for Prisons, Wandika Phiri highlighted some of the challenges being faced by the wardens.

Among other challenges, Wandika said Domasi prison has 93 officers but only less than a quarter stay at the prison premises a development which impacts security to them.

She further highlighted that some prison officers do not have uniforms and most of them need to be promoted.

In his response, Minister of homeland security, Nicholas Dausi expressed the importance of the security personnel in the country.

The minister said his ministry is lobbying for the prison officers to be incorporated in the peacekeeping missions which security personnel are sent to other countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The minister also expressed satisfaction over the prison’s farms where prisoners are practicing irrigation farming.

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