Govt seeks K290bn for floods recovery

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning says it has started engaging its stakeholders and development partners on how to raise funds to recover the damages that were caused by cyclone Idai floods.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Davis Sado said this following the 2019 floods post disaster needs assessment report which shows that a total of K290.5 billion is needed to recover for all the damages.

The report has indicated that the total damage which was caused is worthy MK172.6 billion, and it affected the country’s GDP with 0.13%.

Further to this the report also shows that K290.5 billion is required to recover ad reconstruct all infrastructure which was damaged.

Speaking to YFM online, Sado said among others they are looking into long term solutions and providing intensive psycho-social support to the victims.

“We have already started consulting our stakeholders and development partners on how they can assist us in raising the required funds,” he said.

“When the incident just occurred we intervened and provided short term support to the victims but now we are looking at long term solutions and how we can help the survivors psychologically bearing in mind that they were traumatized.”

Among others, the report has shown that many school blocks, roads, bridges, houses and land were mostly damaged.

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