Gender minister impressed with YONECO’s work

By Rachel Whayo

The Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare has expressed satisfaction with the way Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) is discharging its duties in the country.

Minister responsible, Mary Navicha said this during a tour at YONECO head office in Zomba to appreciate programmes the organization is implementing in protecting and uplifting lives of youth, women and children.

Navicha said the ministry will continue to work hand in hand with YONECO in various projects in order to enhance the livelihood of the youth, children and women in the country.

“As a minister responsible for issues of children and women, I am impressed with the job that YONECO is doing. I have also advised YONECO staff that as a ministry, we need to be receiving monthly reports so that the ministry and the government should be updated on what is happening in the organization,” she said.

She added that the ministry has put in place necessary measures such as signing of memorandum of understanding to allow NGOs to work efficiently and effectively.

YONECO vice board chairperson Dr. Nazen Kaphagawani said the organization will continue to work hand in hand with the ministry in promoting the rights of the youth, women and children.

“The visit of the minister and her deputy has been an honour to YONECO. This visit will encourage us as YONECO to perform well in partnership with her ministry,” she said.

Kaphagawani further said that since the organization regards the production of reports as a necessity, YONECO will continue with what it has been doing and that’s to ensuring that the reports reach the ministry on time.

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