Local timber millers suspend demonstrations

By Thomson Kanyinji

Reformed Timber Millers Union (RTMU) members in Chikangawa forest have suspended their planned demonstrations and vigils that were set to be conducted from Monday to Friday this week.

The protest was organized to force Government to allocate them with hectares of land similar to that being allocated to foreign companies for harvesting of trees.

President for the Union, Paul Nthambazale, said the decision to suspend the protest has been reached in order to give government more time to look into their demands and effectively address them.

Nthambazale added that the union will keep on engaging the government to reach a consensus on the matter.

“Members have agreed that we need to engage and give Government more time before we come to a conclusion that they have failed to address our concerns,” said nthambazale.

Last week the union issued a warning of the demonstrations and vigils at Raiply offices to force Government to treat their concerns with urgency as they were furious with the failure by the authorities to act on the matter despite the union holding several meetings with the minister of Natural Resources Energy and Mining.

Last week’s press briefing, to announce the demonstrations, was organized after the 7-day ultimatum which the union gave government to address their concerns elapsed on Monday, September 2.

Few weeks ago the angry union members also sealed Chikangawa forestry offices in protest against the same issue.

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