YONECO steps up fight against human trafficking

Group Village Headman (GVH) Ching’anda from the area of Traditional Authority M’biza, in Zomba district, has emphasized the need to strengthen by-laws aimed at curbing human trafficking and migration in the country.

This has been revealed during an activity organized by Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO), in the area, as the country has joined the world in observing 140 days of campaign against human trafficking and migration.

GVH Ching’amba has singled out lack of proper awareness messages on human trafficking in his area as a contributing factor fueling the malpractice and has therefore urged his fellow traditional leaders to take a leading role in the fight.

GVH Ching’amba said: “As chiefs we need to take a leading role and ensure that we enforce by-laws aimed at dealing with the matter once and for all.”

He revealed that a lot of children in his area have been trafficked to Mozambique after being promised greener pastures and he attributed the growing malpractice to the absence of by-laws.

He further expressed the need for a collaboration effort between traditional leaders and the police in the fight against human trafficking.

One of the parents present during the campaign, Mrs Milopo, said it is unfortunate that parents entrust their children with strangers who take them to Mozambique instead of keeping them in school.

YONECO, as one of the organizations which promotes human rights, is taking part in 140 days of global campaign against human trafficking and migration.

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