Dowa residents urged not to partake in lawlessness

By Agatha Namphimba

Police in Dowa district has asked people to avoid partaking in lawlessness in order to prevent conflicting with the law.

The call has made by Dowa Police Officer In charge Senior Assistant Commissioner Charles Nsitu during the community policing confidence building meeting which brought together different stakeholders in Dowa District.

Speaking during the meeting, the Officer In charge of Dowa police Charles Nsitu said it is sad to see that many people taking the law into their own hands when someone is suspected to have committed a crime instead of leaving everything in the hands of police to institute investigations.

“It is my plea that this should be stopped and avoided because this jeopardizes our investigations in such cases and people should give chance to police for professionally handling of such cases,” Nsitu said.

“If someone is suspected of committing crime, you should tip us in time so that we can move in swiftly than involving in angry mob justice.

“As police we cannot work in isolation hence the establishment of community policing concept which acts as a bridge between police and the general public aiming at cementing good relationship with the public.”

On his part, Dowa District Council chairperson Martin Luka hailed the police for organizing the meeting, saying it has been the stakeholders’ wish for police to come open and discuss important issues which have been giving headache to the general public in the way how some police officers have been conducting their duties.

“Many complaints have been coming  to my  office in relation on how some police officers are conducting their duties, but because of the meeting has finally been conducted,” he said.

The meeting comprised of chiefs, community policing forums, motor vehicle owners and drivers among many others.

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