Malawi to commemorate tobacco grower’s day

Tobacco farmers are involved in afforestation, water conservation activities towards the sustainability of the environment.

Dixon Lita chairperson of the organizing committee on world tobacco grower’s day made the remarks ahead of the commemorations of the day scheduled to take place on 28th October.

“We are doing well in natural resource management at a time when the crop is being blamed for contributing on deforestation.”

Lita said this is an opportunity to showcase the success stories of Tobacco farmers at a time the crop despite the anti-tobacco lobbies.

“Tobacco is the countries major forex earner contributing about 13-15 % of the country’s gross domestic product and 12% of Malawi’s labour force.”

“We would like to share these successes with the world in as much as some quarters are against the crop,” he said.

Tobacco farmers-Leading environmentally sustainable livelihoods is this year’s theme for the event.

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