2024 polls will be a mess, experts warn

The current election mess in Malawi will have negative consequences on the 2024 tripartite elections and beyond, political and social experts have warned.

Speaking at Political Science Association (PSA) conference in Zomba, the experts attributed the current situation to failure to enact the electoral reforms bill which included the 50+1 system of electing the president.

Last year Parliament rejected the proposed electoral reforms, a situation which forced the country to stick to the current splitting First-Past-the Post system which does favour majority of voters.

Professor emeritus Wiseman Chijere Chirwa said the current political impasse coupled with protests and the ongoing election court case will have negative effects on future elections.

Professor Chirwa said there is need to put in place reforms in order to avoid a repeat of the current mess.

Renowned Professor of Law Edge Kanyongolo said the passing of laws in the country rests on politicians and their interests.

Political Science Association (PSA) president Joseph Chunga said the current political impasse needs a political solution.

Chunga said it is a known fact that after the election court case ruling, unanswered questions will remain about legitimacy of the government and the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

The conference which was held under the Theme: Elections, Human rights and constitutionalism brought together a team of eminent scholars including political scientists Professor Mustapha Hussein and Dr Henry Chingaipe, media trainer at Chancellor College Jimmy Kainja, governance expert Makhumbo Munthali and Parliamentarian Yeremia Chihana.

The team made a number of presentations and also participated in a panel discussion.

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