Kachindamoto hints on ending harmful cultural practices

Traditional Authority Kachindamoto of Dedza district has reiterated on the need for collaboration among culture custodians in an effort to end harmful cultural practices that continue to haunt children in the country.

Kachindamoto made the remarks when commenting on the impact of the various initiatives towards ending the vice, as the country is still observing the 19 days of activism for prevention of abuse and violence against children.

In an interview with YFM, Kachindamoto said despite having the laws and embarking on various initiatives aimed at ending the practices, the country still has a long way to go as there is little progress made.

“The country is making slow progress in ending harmful cultural practices in some areas. Practices like kusasa fumbi and initiation ceremonies that relay negative messages to children still occur in other parts of the country,” she said.

“I feel that we are not there yet when it comes to law enforcement, most duty bearers are reluctant to effectively enforce the law for reasons best known to themselves,” added Kachindamoto.

She however emphasized on the need for concerted efforts and collaboration among traditional leaders and culture custodians to ensure that they are complementing each others efforts in curbing the malpractice.

“All custodians of culture need to work together, learn from each other and complement each others efforts, if we are to successfully end harmful cultural practices in the country,” she said.

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