Buy Malawi Strategy to boost economy

Buy Malawi Strategy (BMS) which seeks to enhance consumption of locally produced goods and services is expected to boost Malawi’s economy.

This is according to the chairperson for the strategy Mike Mlombwa who said traders have been tipped on how to promote the buy Malawi strategy this festive season.

Mlombwa said traders should take this opportunity to market Malawian products so that the country generates more income.

“This is a good time to trade because a lot of tourists come to visit Malawi so if we sell quality products then we will win more customers, internationally and locally,” he said.

“Our biggest problem as a country is marketing, so if we could work on that brand our products well then we would generate more income.”

He also asked them to sell high quality products at reasonable prices in order to attract more customers.

Mlombwa encouraged Malawians to lead in purchasing locally made products.

“We have very good products and we should be the ones leading in buying those products,” he said.

“The good thing about buying our own products is that the money stays in this country.”

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