Met Department warns of more floods

Written by Sarah Mlozoa

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services says following the heavy rains that the country has received over the few days, the nation should expect yet another heavy downfall associated with floods.

In a statement issued on January 4, 2020 signed by the department’s director Jolamu Nkhokwe, the heavy downfall is expected to start on January 5 to January 9, 2020.

The statement further indicated that the change is as a result of deep low pressure system surrounded within the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone

“The heavy rains expected to be associated with strong winds lightning and trigger floods in low-lying and flood prone areas,” said Nkhokwe.

He said this is due to heavy rainfall amounts that the country already been receiving and has caused flooding in some areas of the center and lakeshores areas during the past days causing loss and damages to property

Nkhokwe added that the anticipated heavy rains which will be accompanied by strong winds and lightening are also likely to increase area coverage that are likely to experience floods and therefore leading to further damage and loss of property and lives over most of the center, south and the lakeshores areas.

He therefore appealed to the public to move to higher grounds whenever water levels have started rising, avoiding crossing flooding rivers and not seeking shelters under trees and week infrastructures.

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