Poor infrastructure leading to frequent floods

By Sarah Mlozoa

Policy analyst Rafiq Hajat has said poor infrastructure is one of the factors causing frequent flood damages in most parts of the country.

Heavy rains have caused flash floods that have so far affected 403 households in Areas 22, 24, Ngomani, Kaliyeka and Mgona in Lilongwe.

Hajat said the floods flash are a result of failure by government authorities to implement existing laws for people to build resilient buildings.

“On the issue of floods it is sad that the areas that are most affected are the areas that are not developed properly,” he said.

“And the poor population live in areas where drainages are inadequate or blocked and unplanned housing where people build on river banks where they are not supposed to build.”

Hajat further said government should use the money that is lost through corruption and utilize that to provide services to the poor hence uplifting them leading to a tremendous growth.

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