Sexual assault victims to benefit from poetry auction

The victims are those represented by the Women Lawyers Association (WLA) which will get a third of the proceeds from the 16 Days of poetry WhatsApp Auction to assist victims of sexual assault.

The initiative has been set by Wona Collective, a group that strives to promote successful collaboration among artists with a focus on women and marginalized groups.

One of the founders of the group Alinafe Malonje said last year’s 16 days of activism against gender based violence main theme of generation equality: stand against rape prompted them to do an auction.

“As at present, poets are sending their pieces tackling different themes drawn from 2019, 16 days of activism,” said Malonje.

She added that art is an easy way which people can understand messages that are being delivered.

She believes that the art work will unearth some unexpressed emotions in victims of sexual assault which is a prevalent kind of violence in Malawi.

She also stressed on the need to create awareness on reporting channels for victims of sexual assault.

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