Body condemns involment of learners in demos

Family Rights, Elderly and Child Protection (FRECHIP) has condemned the tendency of using children in violent demonstrations.

This follows the protests by teachers who are demanding government to give them their monthly salaries for December 2019, which have also been patronized by various primary school learners.

FRECHIP’s Executive Director, Esmie Tembenu said it is unlawful for children to be involved in such demonstrations while armed saying it a threat to their lives.

“Such acts have implications on children’s development and growth, if we start exposing these children to such acts, what future are we building for them, what citizens are we grooming, What leaders are training, these are the questions we should be asking ourselves as a nation,” she explained.

“These children are only being used and exploited by some individuals who want to fulfil their personal desires.”

She has since condemned those behind this tendency and the ones providing the weapons to the children, saying it’s posing a great threat to their lives.

“This act should not be condoned, and teachers must avoid engaging children in battles that are not of their concern, because doing so might instill some immoral behaviors in the children which cannot easily be tamed,” she added.

According to the Convention on the Rights of Children, children have the rights to only participate in peaceful, unarmed and non-violent demonstrations-therefore Tembenu has advised the public to prevent children from taking part in all forms of violent demonstrations at all costs.

Since Monday this week, teachers in the country downed tools and others held vigils and protests at the district commissioner’s offices to force government to pay them their salaries for December, 2019 and primary school learners have been seen siding with their teachers in the protests.

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