Adam Tiyesi Back with a spiritual Bang ‘Tikanjoya Ku Janna’

One of the Malawian Nasheeds artists Adam Tiyesi has released a new single titled Tikanjoya ku Janna, on 25 January 2020.

The new hit song is appealing to people to refrain from sin knowing that the end result is hell.

Speaking to YFM online, the artist emphasized on the need to desist from worldly things such as drug and substance abuse, and violence, among others.

“I did this Nasheed because I want to remind the people on the promises which Allah gave us that whoever does good on earth will enter Jannah and also reminds the ummah that Jannah is there waiting for us,” he said.

He added that the Nasheed has been produced at L-Factors and Madela.

Tiyesi further urged the youth to refrain from doing evil things because Allah will punish all the people who will keep on doing so.

Tiyesi has promised his fans more Nasheeds and videos that he will release this year.

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