Analyst faults government on youth empowerment

A youth rights activist has bemoaned the lack of political will by the government authorities in empowering young people.

Lucky Mbewe said a lot of young people are graduating from constituent colleges and need to find work to make ends meet but the government is not considering that.

Mbewe said, “It is a tall order when young people are graduating from colleges and are looking for employment. Therefore the government should think about these issues and plan accordingly.”

He hinted that it is high time government made deliberate efforts in hiring the youth to replace the old aged people to promote competency in work places.

“With the changing of times it is high time the government invested in the youth who are more conversant with technological advances.”

Mbewe made the remarks following growing reports of failure by some government departments such as Lilongwe City Council to release its employers who have reached the retirement stage due to lack of funds.

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