Young feminists march against violence against women

A coalition of human rights organizations and movements have held a protest march in Blantyre on Saturday to demand action on the cases of violence against women and girls in Malawi.

Ulemu Kanyongolo, founder and president of the Young Feminists Network which is among the organisers of the mach told YFM that the march follows cases of a woman who was stripped naked in Blantyre, a video clip of a woman in Mzuzu who was beaten up and the Nsundwe sexual assault case.

“This is a march for women’s freedom of expression, freedom of dressing,” she said.

“The Blantyre incident happened in broad daylight and this is not right, no woman deserves such degrading treatment.”

“There have been a lot of cases of violence against women and we feel there is need for action, we should hold authorities accountable.”

Kanyongolo said these cases are on the rise because of lack of action from those who are entrusted to protect citizens.

“Social media has played a role in bringing issues of violence against women and girls to light and this has also assisted people to be open and talk about these issues,” she said.

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