More practical work on agriculture needed in schools

A local horticulture producing exportation firm, Synthesis Agriculture has asked government to promote practical agriculture work in schools so that young people can develop an interest in agri-business whilst in school.

Executive director for the firm Dickson Kilowe told YFM that when youths are taught to take agriculture as a business at a time they are still in school it will assist them to meaningfully participate in agri-business.

“It is critical to incorporate agriculture in our curriculum especially the practical work for instance, one can own a garden and manage  it at the end of the day the power of agriculture will be demonstrated.”

Kilowe also expressed worry over  the number of youth venturing in agri-business saying, it is still on the lower side.

“What we have noted is that youth discuss agriculture but their participation is not impressive.”

“I would say that that we are not yet there as a country and more youths are needed for this sector to develop,” Kilowe added.

In Malawi, agriculture accounts for about one-third of the Gross Domestic Product(GDP).

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