Health expert calls on government to be proactive

By Mabuchi Chunga

A health expert Dorothy Ngoma has attributed weak leadership as the main cause of poor social services delivery in the health sector.

She made the sentiments while commenting on how slow the ministry of health and population has been in responding to and sensitizing the masses on the Coronavirus which has killed dozens of people in China taking into consideration that Malawi and China share trade relations.

According to Ngoma, the country’s health system is more reactive than proactive to various situations and only acts when the things get critical.

“When there are public health issues the ministry of health does not react on time they wait for other organizations such as the WHO or other local entities to react and even if there are several deaths before they begin acting on matters of health.”

She further alluded to the fact that this is bad for the country because it means most of the people are without knowledge on things that are happening.

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