Rights movement demands stiff penalties for GBV perpetrators

By Mabuchi Chunga

Women’s Manifesto Movement (WVM) has demanded for a speedy trial for men who sexually harassed a woman in Blantyre on January 28, 2020.

In a statement the movement has expressed their disgust at the continuation of Gender Based Violence (GBV) despite ongoing sensitization efforts by various gender rights groups.

Maggie Kathewera Banda, member of the movement and Women’s Legal Resources Centre (Wolrec) executive director said since the perpetrators are in police custody what they want is a public apology.

“What we are demanding is a the perpetrators make a public apology since what they did happened in public they should also apologize in public.”

The grouping also demanded that whatever penalty that is going to be given should be stiff to ward off would be offenders.

“The state machinery that is supposed to the handle the case in terms of prosecution should take the matter seriously, because it is time that hard sentences are met out to deter would be offenders because as it stands people do not fear the current punishments.”

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