Chamisa applauds Malawi’s justice system

Zimbabwean Main Opposition Leader Nelson Chamisa has congratulated the people of Malawi on the historic verdict by its judiciary in nullifying the rigged 2019 polls.

Chamisa of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) sent the message through his twitter page earlier on Tuesday.

He commended the judiciary and security officials for standing firm to defend the constitution in this case.

The young Zimbabwean opposition leader applauded institutions that handled the presidential elections case for demonstrating professionalism and independence in their dealings.

He feels that the African continent has been plagued by unfair elections for so long.

According to him Malawi’s case has proved that people can trust in the judiciary to deliver justice to the people by bringing fraudulent acts  to light.

He urged Malawians to take this as a fresh opportunity towards holding free and fair elections.

Chamisa also tipped the SADC and AU to draw lessons from the events in Malawi and stop rushing to endorse elections where people have legitimate concerns over processes.

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