ESCOM sheds light on 40 days without load shedding

The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has clarified on its recent statement to do with 40 days without load shedding since 25 December 2019.

Critics have condemned ESCOM for the statement saying it is their duty to provide electricity to Malawians as such the load shedding statement does not hold water.

“One comment read,” I don’t see the reason why you should stand on the podium and lie to yourself that you are doing well.Its your duty to provide power to the nation without any interruptions. That’s what we expect of you to do!”

Reacting to the comments, ESCOM publicist Innocent  Chitosi told YFM that they were only informing customers who are experiencing power shortage in their area that if there is black out then that is probably a localized fault.

“Customers of good will are appreciating the spirit of the statement, it is not like we are bragging but what we are communicating is that if there is short power supply in their area then they should contact us.”

ESCOM has attributed the 40 days of no load shedding to a combination of several factors including system optimization and the onset of the rainy season.

Chitosi also assured Malawians of continued power supply all day, every day.

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