Govt cautioned on Shire Valley Transformation Programme

The Civil Society Agriculture Network – CISANET has given recommendations that can assist in the successful implementation and sustainability of the Shire Valley Transformation Programme.

This follows the launch of the program recently, in an interview with YONECO FM online, CISANET National Director Pamela Kuwali said, the project should take a participatory approach, farmer’s skills should be built and there should be a good monitoring and evaluation strategy in place.

“This is a good project because it will assist in improving food security, provide market linkages to farmers and increase farmer’s income,” she said.

“The most important thing is that farmers should gain skills and this will assist in the sustainability of the project when it phases out.”

Kuwali also strongly spoke about the issue of transparency accountability of the project to ensure that all the project funds are utilized as intended.

She nonetheless commended government for consulting relevant stakeholders and beneficiaries before the project was launched saying their inputs have been incorporated in the project.

Kuwali also warned that if the project is not effectively implemented then there is a possibility of not seeing much return for investment.

“The funds used in the project are a loan from World Bank and therefore we appeal for seriousness from those managing the project and see to it that the project transforms farmers livelihoods.”

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