MEC is desperate, law professor says

A Law professor has said the move by the Malawi Electoral Commission to hire international lawyers is an indication that the commission is desperate and incompetent.

Professor Garton Kamchedzera told YFM that this shows that the commission will go to any lengths to fight the constitutional court’s ruling which will only compromise the little trust Malawians still have in the commission.

“This is a true reflection of incompetence and desperation. They want to be seen that they are fighting and defending themselves on how they conducted the 2019 presidential elections,” he said.

“They would go to any length to fight the ruling. What the commission is doing might end up compromising the little trust the citizens have in them,” he added.

MEC’s Chairperson, Justice Dr. Jane Ansah, has confirmed that the commission has hired lawyers from South Africa to help the commission in defending the May 2019 presidential results and it is expected to spend about K600 million tax payer’s money on them.

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