Expert says teachers’ appraisals will promote quality education

One of the country’s education experts has expressed optimism of improved education standards in the country following the introduction of a new system of appraising teachers by the government.

This comes as the ministry of education has said it has introduced and a new system of appraising primary school teachers in the country.

Speaking to YFM, Steven Shara said the new system will ensure transparency of the teacher’s performance in their respective schools hence promoting quality education.

“The system should have been introduced sometime in the past, but still it is a good move because it will help teachers to me more committed and dedicated to their work,” he said.

“Teachers who are dedicated to their work will easily deliver hence imparting the necessary knowledge in the learners and promoting quality education at the same time,” he added.

The system which is expected to commence next year in January among others seeks to hold teachers accountable and ensure that only those that perform get promoted.

Government has introduced the system with an aim of among others ensuring that teachers who perform get promoted

Government says the new system is expected to commence in January next year.

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