Government launches anti-bush meat campaign

In a drive to protect wild animals, government has launched a campaign against the trade and consumption of bush meat in the country.

According to Director for the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Brighton Kumchedwa it is illegal, dangerous to consume wild animals since they carry diseases.

In an interview with YFM Online after unveiling the campaign in Lilongwe, Kumchedwa said it is government`s wish to safeguard both life of people and the wild animals.

“It’s not acceptable in this country to consume this meat because it is largely from poached animals but also bush meat is not good because it carries diseases so we want to safeguard people`s lives as well as wildlife itself,” emphasized Kumchedwa.

And on his part, Animal Health Officer in the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development Dr. Joseph Nkhoma said unlike in the past, there has been transmission of diseases from animals to human in the modern age.

“Basically these wild animals live with the viruses, which is normal to them and whenever there is close interaction with people, and in people they do cause infections or diseases,” cautioned Dr. Nkhoma.

Meanwhile, Chairperson for the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and Climate Change Welani Chilenga has appealed for concerted determination aimed at disseminating information on the consequences of eating bush meat.

“As a Committee we are very concerned and we feel like enough is not been done, we need to put in more action by relaying relevant information to the public out there on effects of eating bush meat,” pleaded Chilenga.

The Campaign is being carried out by the DNPW and the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust with financial support from the Lion Recovery Fund and Zambian Wildlife Charity Wildlife Crime Prevention (WCP).

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