Chidyawonga murder case goes into full trial on June 22

The High Court in Lilongwe is expected to go into full trial on June 22, in a case which four people are suspected to have killed a young woman, Kottana Maria Chidyawonga.

Chidyawonga 23, died suddenly on January 4 this year due to what was said to be a snake bite as she was visiting one of her friends in Lilongwe but later pathologist Dr. Charles Dzamalala’s autopsy report revealed that she died of poisoning.

However Dzamalala’s report is being challenged by an associate professor at College of Medicine (CoM), Steve Kamiza, who was engaged by defense lawyers.

On Monday, the High Court Judge, Justice Thom Ligowe, asked the defense and the state to serve each other with all the documents in relation to the case by Monday, June 1, before the case goes into full trial on Monday, June 22, 2020 and will be heard for two weeks.

During the Monday’s hearing, the state led by Dr. Steven Kayuni said they are ready with the case and will parade 15 witnesses including medical personnel.

On the other hand, the defense, led by Counsel Emmanuel Theu is among other things demanding a snake which is alleged to have bitten the deceased, its fangs, snake bite wounds, tissue samples and the toxicology report to be used in their defense.

The four suspects include former boyfriend to the deceased, Timothy Mtilisanje (28), a local fashion designer Ekaree Daniella Chaweza (29), Gilbert Kalamiza (29) and Diana Bhagwanji (23).

All the suspects were with the deceased at the time of her death.

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