FP2020 Calls for family planning services amid COVID-19

The Family Planning (FP) 2020, a global partnership to empower women’s and girls’ rights, has urged healthcare providers to ensure the availability of family planning services to the citizens amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In its statement, FP2020 says as countries including Malawi are working tirelessly to protect their citizens from corona virus, they should also consider the impact of the pandemic on family planning and sexual reproductive health rights.

The statement further said despite the global crisis, the need for family planning remains critical.

Reads part of the statement, “As health systems shift to prevent and treat people from COVID-19, it is essential they also protect voluntary access to family planning services amidst the crisis.”

FP2020 also echoed the United Nation (UN) Population Fund’s annual report which explicitly describes family planning as a human right.

“In areas where communities have been ordered to shelter-in-place, people must be allowed to travel to seek sexual and reproductive health services,” reads the statement.

The institution has warned that if the matter is not seriously considered, the country will be at risk of registering high pregnancy rates.

Throughout the crisis, FP2020 has pledged to work with the country and global partners to ensure family planning services remain a priority in COVID-19 response plans.

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