Govt asked to introduce separate budget for children

A renowned child rights campaigner, Lucky Mbewe says government should introduce a separate budget allocation to supportĀ  child welfare initiatives.

Mbewe said this after an observation that little attention is given to matters that affect children which in most cases is attributed to lack of resources.

He said this leads into minimal progress in protection and promotion of the welfare of children.

Mbewe told YFM Online said the ministry which is mandated to spearhead issues of children is very vast compared to the budget it is allocated which in many occasions it is difficult to channel part of the resources to issues of children.

“The ministry of which deals with issues of children is very vast which makes it also difficult to allocate its budget appropriately to all the departments,” he said.

Mbewe added: “Having a separate budget can really save children from all the miseries they are facing right now, it will be easy to invest in their welfare, and there will be proper tracking of the resources.”

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