Lack of political will affecting childrens’ welfare

A child rights activist Esmie Tembenu says lack of political will is one of the factors that continue to affect the welfare of children in the country.

Tembenu  said this following the slow pace at which the country is moving on in implementing and enforcing the national child policy which was launched last year.

She told YFM Online that there is lack of seriousness and political will among leaders and duty bearers saying they have shifted all their attention to issues of politics and deserted children’s welfare.

Tembenu said this has among others left children destitute and prone to various abuses which might also have a long term effects on the children.

“Our leader’s no longer care about our children in the country once they have power,” said Tembenu, who is also a retired child magistrate.

“Children are being abused everyday but there is nothing they are doing, all they care about is having money in their pockets.”

Tembenu added: “We are very good at formulating laws but we don’t put them to use.”

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