Police pleads with political parties on violence

As Malawi continues to witness ugly scenes of politically sponsored violence, the Malawi Police Service has engaged political parties towards fighting the vice.

Acting Police Inspector General Duncan Mwapasa bemoaned the rising cases of violence during the signing of a joint communique between the Service and Secretary Generals from major political parties at Police National Headquarters in Lilongwe.

“As we are all aware, political violence parties have reached worrisome levels, and if we don’t take space as a nation to contain the space, it may plunge into more serious problem as has been the case with other countries,” lamented Mwapasa.

According to Mwapasa, country`s political violence can only be dealt with if there is cordial relationship between police and the political parties.

“Policing nowadays requires engagement, the people that we are policing they have to understand for every action that we are taking on political violence that’s why we have engaged the political leaders to denounce the trend,” appealed Mwapasa.

Political parties’ representation through the Center for Multiparty Democracy-CMD has pledged its commitment towards disseminating messages relayed on the meeting to the Party`s supporters aiming at peace building.

“Our role is to remind them of the commitments that they have made, we will continue engaging them on the need for them to hold peaceful election especially during campaigns, and we will take the messages down to the lower structures particularly in the Multiparty Liaison Committee in the districts,” vowed CMD Executive Director Kizito Tenthani.

The background the communique is that in view of the ever escalating political violence that has rocked the country since the May 21 tripartite elections.

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