Chief Justice appoints three judges in lockdown case

Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda has appointed a panel of three judges to hear a case in which Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) and others sought a court injunction restraining government from effecting a 21-day lockdown amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Judiciary spokesperson Agnes Patemba has confirmed the development saying that the matter has been certified as a constitution case as requested by Justice Andrew Nyirenda who was hearing the case.

“The matter was referred to the Honourable Chief Justice for certification and he has certified a matter as a constitutional case so he has set a panel of three judges to look into the matter,” said Patemba.

Patemba says the three judges are now studying the files and that the day of commencement of matter will be communicated.

“Currently we have shared the files with the judges so that they can browse through and advise us when they can browse through and advise us as to when they will set the matter for hearing, that’s where we are now,” said Patemba.

Apart from HRDC, Church and Society, Prophet David Mbewe is also among applicants who sought the court relief.

As of 15th May 2020, the country has registered 65 positive COVID-19 cases.

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