Analysts condemn hate speech

Political scientists have spoken against the use of abusive words by party leaders during campaign rallies.

Two weeks after the opening of the official campaign period, it has been observed that some politicians are castigating others instead of advancing issue based campaign.

Some people have been injured and houses burnt by people believed to be politically connected.

DPP/UDF coalition running-mate Atupele Muluzi addressing a rally

Political scientists are of the view that this kind of campaign will escalate political violence ahead of the president election.

George Phiri of University of Livingstonia, believes that what is happening is a result of failure by some people to embrace the fact that Malawi multiparty politics 26 years ago.

Another commentator Happy Kayuni of Chancellor College, told YFM Online that absence of policies forces parties to focus on personalities and ethnic cleavages.

He said these elements leads towards use of abusive and inflammatory words during rallies.

To address this problem, Kayuni has asked political leaders to focus on policy issues and encourage their supporters to desist from use of inflammatory language.

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