Analyst predicts regional election

A political analyst has predicted that the 2 July presidential election is a regional one.

Victor Chipofya made the comment after observing that the presidential hopefuls are vigorously campaigning in the regions they feel are their strongholds and not necessarily spreading across the country.

He said this demonstrates how divided as a country we are and it will surely have an impact on the election.

“It seems the MCP, UTM camp is focusing more on the central region, on the other hand the UDF,DPP camp is campaigning in the southern region.”

Chipofya also said it is unfortunate that developmental issues are not clearly coming out from the politicians.

“Manifestos do not drive Malawian politics, it is basically people that just want to get into power but most of them do not deliver on their campaign pledges.

“Malawian politics is not ideologically based as opposed to western politics there is no way a republican can partner with a democrat overnight to form an alliance ¬†but in Malawi that happens¬† because our politics is not principled,” he said.

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