Advocate bemoans children`s immorality amid closure of schools

A child activist has lamented continued cases of immoral behaviours that children in the country are going through amid closure of schools due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Desmond Mhango told YONECO FM that most children especially girls are facing various forms mistreatment as well as sexual violence.

“Most of these abuses are sexual in nature, children especially young girls are being impregnated which apparently shows that they are socializing amongst themselves and peers and they also going out with adults.”

“There are also elements of criminality on children, children are stealing from the homes and from other people`s homes and we have also come across cases of girls prostituting in order to sources money,” bemoaned Mhango.

He added that government and stakeholders need to come in and address challenges that children are facing in the country.

“Ours is just an appeal and urgent request to authorities to think twice and reconsider critically looking into these challenges to rescue our children from moral decadence,” said Mhango.

On Tuesday, the National Planning Taskforce on the Possible Re-opening of Schools, Colleges and Universities recommended to the Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus that all learning institutions be re-opened on July 13, 2020.

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