Students`s taskforce demands reopening of schools

A grouping of students from the country`s universities and colleges has asked government to reopen schools by July 13 this year as recommended by the National Planning Taskforce on the Re-opening of Schools.

Speaking at a news conference in Lilongwe, the group`s representative Precious Paul Kalulu said government should adopt recommendations by the Taskforce by focusing on Covid-19 preventive measures once schools reopen.

“We have seen government instituting Covid-19 precautionary measures in a number of critical areas where there are public gatherings, the same could also be applied to schools once we reopen,” recommended Kalulu.

He added that their grouping will mobilise mass protests in all the country`s four cities slated for this Friday in a bit to force authorities to adhere to their demand.

“As we wait for the reopening of schools by 13 July this year, we will still go on with mass demonstrations this coming Friday to express out grievances to authorities,” said Kalulu.

The students` Taskforce has also lamented that the much publicised radio and online learning that government has been pushing for is not helping out the students.

Meanwhile, the National Planning Taskforce on the Re-opening of Schools has recommended to the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 that all school in the country be re-opened on July 13, 2020.

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