Malawians are peace loving – Expert

Malawians have been applauded for maintaining peace and order during the fresh presidential election period.

Ever since Malawians casted their ballot on Tuesday this week, there has been law and order in most parts of the country as the Nation awaited official results from Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

Commenting on the peaceful trend, University of Livingstonia based political scholar George Phiri said Malawians are generally peaceful people.

“When leaders do the needful, Malawians shall always be peaceful, patient and calm and this what we have seen,” Phiri said.

He added that it is a conduct by the country`s politicians that drive Malawians to disorderly behaviour.

“The problem we had in last year`s elections was not Malawians, the problem was with the politicians and MEC chair, the way she managed elections and the way she resisted to go out of the public office made Malawians to be angry and reacted in a manner Malawians have never reacted before,” said Phiri.

He also hailed the incumbent MEC Chairperson Dr. Chifundo Kachale for executing his duties professionally when presiding over the fresh presidential poll.

“My conclusion is that this election has been transparent, free, fair and credible because of the leadership.”

“Dr. Kachale deserves credit for what he has done and Malawians will be peaceful to the end, I don’t expect any Malawian to react in a manner that will be contrary to peaceful and calmness in this country so the elections it depends on how the mangers have managed,” Phiri said.

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