Malawi`s economic outlook promising

Chancellor College based economics professor Ben Kalua has expressed optimism that the country`s economy will revamp after the election.

Professor Kalua, the country`s economy has, for the past years, been hugely impacted due to political instability.

“This is highly recommendable behaviour how Malawi has conducted rerun, it shows very strong positive image to the world that Malawi is on solid ground,” he said.

Professor Kalua is of the view that the country`s economy depends much on foreign direct investment which usually demands a stable business environment.

“We rely heavily on foreign investors to come in and invest in factories and infrastructure and we can’t save enough for Malawi here and having conducted a peaceful election, we will attract back those investors,” he said.

In additional, Professor Kalua has commended the country for conducting a rerun in a democratic manner.

“How Malawi has conducted a rerun is very recommendable, it sets a very positive image to the world that in terms of governance, Malawi is on solid ground,” said Professor Kalua.

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