ACB hailed for re-introducing vetting

The National Anti-Corruption Alliance – NACA has applauded the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for re-introducing the vetting and clearance processes on change of ownership of property.

According to a press statement that the ACB has released, the re-introduction of the process has been made with an aim of preventing the disposal or concealment of proceeds of crime.

“The decision to re-introduce the process has been made in accordance with the section 10 (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act, with the aim of preventing the disposal or concealment of the proceeds of crime,” reads part of the statement.

Commenting on the development, NACA Chairperson Moses Mkandawire said the move is a commendable step towards the fight against corrupt practices in the country.

“That communication that has been made to the public that any person even those in position of authority to go through the vetting and clearance process is very commendable, because we need to curb corruption,” said Mkandawire.

He however appealed to people in the country to support the ACB as it will be implementing the process.

“We just have to support the Director and his entire because this are sensitive matters considering that the impact involves senior politicians and other people who consider themselves very powerful,” appealed Mkandawire.

The vetting and clearance process was discontinued on June 5, 2018, but the ACB indicated that should need arise, the ACB will re-introduce the process.

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