Absence of policy fueling drug abuse

Lack of the National Drug Control Policy is said to be fueling cases of drug abuse and illicit trafficking in the country.

Drug Fight Malawi Executive Director, Nelson Zakeyu, made the sentiments on Friday as the nation joined the rest of the world in commemorating the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Zakeyu said since there are no guidelines controlling the flow of drugs in the country, it is difficult to trace and enforce initiatives towards curbing the vice.

Zakeyu said: “Currently we have a big challenge because according to a report which we have indicates that the use of drugs is at an alarming rate and this can be contributed to the absence of National Drug Control Policy in the country.”

He said the policy would act as the benchmark for all activities towards the fight against drug abuse and has therefore asked government to seriously look into the matter.

Commenting on the matter, a youth run local non-governmental organization, Young Achievers Development (YAD) Executive Director, Jefferson Milanzi, bemoaned the increased cases of the youth being involved in drug abuse in the country.

Milanzi said lack of political will and a few number of organizations involved in the fight against drugs is another contributing factor.

He said the development has led to many young people becoming unproductive to the country’s development and fuel criminal activities.

The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was set aside by the United Nations and is observed annually on June 26, since 1989, and this year it is being commemorated under a theme: “Health for Justice, Justice for Health.”

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