Council resumes National Youth Policy review process

National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCOM) says it has resumed the consultation process on the review of the National Youth Policy.

NYCOM executive director Dingiswayo Jere revealed this when YFM made a follow up after the body suspended the process in April due to Covid-19 pandemic.

“We recommenced the process of getting issues from the youths which we suspended due to covid-19 after meeting with stakeholders,” he explained.

Jere said that currently they finalized getting views from youths from the central region and that the body intends to finalize the consultation process in September.

Jere also said that they are ensuring to get issues from various stakeholders at the same time containing the spread of covid-19.

He has however stressed over low turnout on people on online platforms to share views, a development which he said might delay the process which is projected to be completed in September.

The National Youth Policy is being reviewed after phasing out in 2018.

Malawi’s National Youth Policy aims to empower its youth and encourage their participation in development processes, as well as to reach their potential.

The policy sets out specific policies targets, timeframes and responsibilities to develop opportunities for the youth of Malawi.

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