Liwu set to drop Alinafe album

By Sarah Mlozoa

Blantyre based Christian hip-hop artist Liwu is set to release a 13-track album titled “Alinafe”.

YFM entertainment crew caught up with Liwu who said the album will bring out his real identity in the world.

“It’s an album that we have worked so very hard, it will show case my true identity in this world for a long time I have been figuring out for who really I am with the things I do.”

He further said the album also highlights some of the things that matters in young people`s life by documenting the journey.

“I feel like other people who are in the same path as me could be motivated and embrace who they are after listening to the songs.”

Some of the artists to be featured in the album are Suffix, David Kalilani, Beracah, and Mista Gray just to mention a few and has been produced by Manifest.

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