AG’s office concedes error in Msundwe rape saga

The office of the Attorney General has conceded that it errored by allowing the Malawi Police Service to investigate its own officers in the Msundwe rape saga.

One of the lawyers at the Attorney General’s office Neverson Chisiza told the High Court in Lilongwe on Thursday that the investigation by the police in the rape incident was compromised and has called for a fresh investigation.

Chisiza also admitted failure by the office of the Attorney General to submit their defence against the petitioners, Women Lawyers Association which is representing the victims of the alleged sexual abuse.

However, Chisiza asked presiding judge Justice Kenyatta Nyirenda to pend declarations sought by the Women Lawyers Association that indeed rape occurred.

Chisiza also said compensation should be given to the victims until the fresh investigation is carried out.

But one of the attorneys of the Women Lawyers Association Hilda Soko objected to the call for fresh investigations saying doing so will compromise evidence since seven months have elapsed after the incident.

Soko said compensation of women who suffered the violation is long overdue.

Meanwhile, the court has given the petitioners seven days to file their submission while the office of the Attorney General has been given three days.

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