Hands on training key to youth participation in job creation

A local entrepreneurship think-tank says engaging the youth and giving them direct access to actively participate in business development is an effective mindset change tool which has the potential to trigger job creation in the country.

Planetarium Institute said by introducing programs that teach and also give young people the technical know – how of the corporate world’s operation, will ensure that people are equipped with relevant skills to create work.

The firm’s founder, Charles Nyekanyeka told YFM that the key is to combine the skills learnt in higher education institutions with practical world solutions.

“We believe that the four years training which graduates undergo makes them to be better entrepreneurs if we engage a like mindset transformation program,” said Nyekanyeka.

He said the firm is currently creating such an environment by enrolling graduates to work in the business arena as business analysts.

“We have a project which we are implementing, we are targeting one thousand graduates, we would like to use them as business analysts in developing business plans,” said Nyekanyeka.

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