TAMA Farmers Trust upscales Covid-19 awareness strategies

By Mabuchi Chunga

TAMA Farmers Trust has upscaled its efforts to sensitize awareness on COVID – 19 to its members to ensure safety during and after the tobacco farming season.

The organization’s Public Relations Officer, Sam Kalimba, says they are currently running a research in several districts of the country to figure out the initial causes of transmission in rural areas so that they can develop messages in line with the causes.

“We are running a project in four districts in the country whereby we want to measure how our interventions can be escalated or they should be spread to other areas,” said Kalimba.

He also said that the Trust is working with traditional leaders and various media outlets to spread the message of awareness which he says is more effective in rural settings since communities respect their leaders.

“We are also sending radio messages in various media houses and we are using the Traditional Authorities to voice out what should be done so that the farmers listen from their closest authority,” said Kalima.

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