Ecama tips government on economic stability

Economic think-tank, Economics Association of Malawi (Ecama) has urged government to consider putting effective measures that will assist reviving the country`s economy amid rising fears of economic recession.

According to the country`s economic experts, the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted many economic activities raising fears that the country may plunge into recession.

The pandemic has seen people in the country loosing businesses and jobs especially in the private sector.

It is through that sad background that some experts have warned that if the trend continues the way it is, the country risks plunging into an economic recession.

Commenting on the widespread concerns, Ecama President Lorraine Nyasulu told YFM that it is high time that government embarks on serious economic measures aiming at reviving the state of affairs.

“In case we experience such situation, government should put in place effective measures that will favorable with such dire economic environment,” said Nyasulu.

According to Nyasulu, government should consider assisting small business through introducing economic intervention like the already trending Social Cash Transfer.

Nyasulu added that the private sector especially those practicing businesses, should also be given an opportunity through the Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Meanwhile, the country`s revenue collection has gone down due to cross boarder travel restrictions.

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